Polar Vortex Pick Up Lines

In January 2014, a polar vortex paralized the United States. It gained the reputation of being THE FREEZING APOCALYPSE. People were in a hybernating lock-down succumbing to the blistering artic cold under many feet of snow.

Just as humanity was on the verge of extinction, the Twitterverse arose with #polarvortexpickuplines. It worked! Limbs everywhere. Hearts pumping. Juices flowing. Hybernating became "hyber-mating", and soon after the survival of mankind was restored.

Become Polar Bear Friendly...

  • So you are the one cracking all the pipes around here
  • Snowed in? I'll come shovel you out
  • I'm not wearing any thermal underwear
  • Can I put my polar in your vortex?
  • If you play your cards right the highway isn't the only thing getting plowed tonight
  • Hey girl, you're still beautiful... in that ski mask
  • Can I have your phone number so I can protect your digits from the cold?
  • Girl are you a polar vortex? Cause you give me the chills
  • Fireplace & chill?
  • You and I might feel like -30 degrees, but multiplying two negative numbers makes a positive
  • I'm not a snowman, but you melt my heart
  • You can expect more than a couple inches tonight
  • A girl tried some polar vortex pick up lines on me once. I just gave her the cold shoulder
  • Girl, let's transform this cold snap into some polar vorsex
  • Ice to meet you
  • Is that a polar bear in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
  • Hey girl, you got me harder than the permafrost
  • Do you live in an igloo? Because you seem like you´re pretty cool
  • Baby, I wanna hit your iceberg and go down like the Titanic
  • You know what people do to survive in the cold? Snuggle up and use each other as body warmth. Are you a survivor?
  • It's really slippery out there, you might wanna get insurance on that fine tush there
  • My fogged up glasses can't hide that you're smokin'
  • Wanna come back to my place for an ice cap?
  • You´re hot. I'm Cocoa. We'd go well together
  • They say 68% of new born babies will be Virgos this year. Wanna make that 69?
  • Wanna Hyber-mate?
  • Your blue skin brings out the color of your eyes
  • Hey baby, you're so fine you make my teeth chatter, wha-wha-what's your name?