Nerdy Pick Up Lines - For IQ Levels over 9000!

Want to pick up a nerd? Yeah, that may prove to be a challenge.

Your usual Brad Pitt good looks or beefy biceps on their own will seldom work. We, I mean nerds, rarely go for it unless you got the lingo too match.

Take your mental vitamins and boost your IQ with these geeky pick up lines.

For the nerdy and geeky

  • Baby I'll treat you like my homework — I'll slam you on the table and do you all night long
  • Are you sitting on the F5 key? Cause your ass is refreshing
  • Wow, you look even better than your Avatar
  • I workout so I can carry more books
  • I always thought love was an abstract class until you made an instance of it
  • Ooh that energy! If we got hooked up to the grid, the power company would be out of business
  • Let's go back to My-Space, so I can Twitter your Yahoo, until I Google all over your Facebook?
  • Roses are #FF0000. Violets are #0000FF. All my base are belong to you
  • I wish I was your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves
  • You’re like a dictionary, you add meaning to life
  • Baby, you make my floppy disk turn into a hard drive
  • Let’s discover our coefficient of friction
  • Hey, my name is Windows. Can I crash at your place?
  • I don't have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?
  • Hey baby, are you a raygun? Cause you’re absolutely stunning
  • That ass must be critical data. Cause I want to back it up
  • You defragment my life
  • Is your name Wi-fi? Cause I'm feeling a connection
  • I'd like to mount that ISO
  • You use Internet Explorer? You must like it nice and slow
  • You got me stuck on Caps Lock, if you know what I mean
  • Where's the 'LIKE' button for that pretty face?
  • My servers never go down... but I do
  • I must be using Apple maps, because I keep getting lost in your eyes
  • I'm just running a sniffer to see if any of your ports are open
  • How about a little peer-to-peer fluid swapping
  • You put the SPARC in my workstation
  • Your homepage or mine?
  • You had me at "Hello World"
  • Let me just update my Facebook status to smitten
  • Are your pants compressed? Let me help you unzip them
  • Want to see my Red Hat?
  • You auto-complete me
  • If you have an empty slot, I have the card to fill it
  • Hey baby, let me hack your kernel
  • If you were an ISP I'd dial you all day long
  • Are you a robot? Cause I’d like to turn you on
  • Are you a carbon sample? Cause I want to date you
  • Are you Google? Cause you have everything I've been searching for
  • If I was a calculator, would you push my buttons?
  • If I asked you out, would the answer to that question be the same as the answer to this question?
  • Are you the bottom of my laptop, because you’re hot
  • I'm hoping your file is ISO, so I can mount you
  • I less than three you - I
  • I'm overheating because you're stuck in my head like an infinite loop
  • Is this the Matrix? Because I think you’re The One

What is a nerd?

There are various definitions and stereotypes. A nerd can be someone who is overly intellectual pursuing subjects like mathematics, science, engineering or programming.

Nerds are often considered socially impaired, described as being shy, quirky and un-attentive to their looks.

Some are considered obsessive about non-mainstream subjects such as comic books, trading cards, science fiction and role playing.

Nerds are also the reason why you're able to surf the Internet and check status updates from your Facebook friends. They invented it, so be greatful god damnit! And if you are ever with one, get ready to have your brains fried by orders of magnitude of mental stimulation.