Country Pick Up Lines

So you like some of that cultural intermixing? Can't blame ya! Nibbling on the same brand of cracker does get stale.

You'll want to broaden your horizon and fork a good bite of the delicious other worldy cuisine out there.

With these country pick up lines, you'll be a world traveller and fulfill your ultimate quest of conquering trophy flags from each!

Lines from around the World...

  • Hows the border control at Djibouti, I´d like to get in
  • If you were a country, I'd move there to be in you
  • Are you from Africa, coz African love ya
  • Are you from Cuba, coz Havanasome of dat
  • Are you from India, coz I’m trying to get In-di-a pants
  • Are you from India, coz
  • Are you from Jamaica, coz Jamaiken me crazy
  • Are you from Japan, coz I'm trying to get into japanties
  • Are you from Korea, coz you're my Seoul-mate
  • Are you from Ireland, coz when I see you my penis is Dublin
  • Are you from Paris, coz you are driving me in Seine
  • Are you from
  • Stockholm
  • Are you from Prague, coz I can't help but Czech you out
  • Are you from Jakarta, coz you're makin' me weak Indonesia
  • I hope you're not a monk, coz I'd like to go Tibet with you
  • Are you from Varanasi (Indian city), coz it rubbed off on you very well
  • Is your name Mona, coz this is Louvre at first sight
  • I don´t know if you noticed, but you captured my mind and the Stockholm Syndrome is in full effect
  • I Ecuador you
  • Would you allow me Dubai you a drink?
  • Hello, do you have a lighter I can Bora Bora
  • I like your moves on Gdansk floor
  • We Bali know each other, but Jakarta take my eyes off you
  • Call the Kremlin, coz I'm gonna have to annex dat body

Make your own lines

Here is a list of random countries/cities with pick up associations to them. Get creative and tweet us at @PickupLine_Guru if you come up with some good ones

Djibouti (ya booty)
Hungary (hungry)
Belize (please)
Cambodia (cam body)
Kenya (can ya)
Norway (no way)
Phuket (f*ck it)
Venice (when is)
Haiti (hate)
Cayman (came in)
Tibet (to bed)
Bora Bora (borrow)
Bali (barely)
Irish (I wish)