Cat Pick Up Lines - Make ´em meow

Girls love cats so they are always a good conversation topic. It's understandable because they are so god damn fluffy, furry and cute. Always ripe for a cuddle and a good stroking.

With these furry pick up lines, you might get a pussy in heat that'll beg to stroke you.

Get your furry on...

  • MEOWWWWWW, How you feline? Cause you purrfect, I'm not kitten!
  • What day is it today? [saturday]. No... it's CATURDAY
  • You remind me off a leopard... or a tiger. Either way, I don't mind the claws
  • Where have you been all my lives?
  • I have a cat, she would like to meet you
  • If I were a cat, I'd spend all 8 lives with you
  • Tell me what makes you meow
  • I hope you have pet insurance, because I'm about to destroy your pussy
  • I'll make you purrrrrrrrr
  • I'd give up one of my 9 lives for you
  • Baby, you put the T in tuna
  • Want to see some hairballs?
  • Just call me Puss in Boots
  • Hey, look what the cat dragged in
  • Are you one of them hot cougars that pick up young willing men?

Cats are a great conversation topic. Owners can go on for hours about the oddities of their endeared furry ones and lovers can go on end about their utter cuteness. So if you are trying to pick someone up with a cat line, you might want to double down with follow-up kitty conversation.

So what are good topics? Well, you'll want to know what race it. Many actually don't know, "it's ehm... a cat!" It's easy to bust their balls on this to create attraction. You'll also want to know its name. There's always a story behind it that people love to tell. Fluffy, Mr. Dimples or whatever name they say, use this as an opportunity for a little flirty teasing. If the name is just a little weird, I like to say something like: "Yea, if we ever have kids, I got first dibs on the naming". Boom! Attraction initated.